Selling Real Estate January 31, 2023

Costs associated with selling my house in Worcester?

What are the costs associated with selling a house in Worcester and Worcester County? Good question!
The expenses will vary based on your unique situation, but you can probably expect to see the following line items:
  • Massachusetts Excise Stamps, due at closing, equal to $4.56 per thousand based on the sale price.
  • Title Examination and Certification (Worcester and contiguous towns) is approximately $350-500.
  • Real Estate Broker/Agent fee – covers the agent’s expenses associated with selling the property such as advertisements and agent’s investment of time; may also be used to compensate buyer’s agent. Typically percentage based, expect to see 4-6%
  • Attorney fees (often $800-1300+)
  • Recording fees per mortgage discharge (in MA), plus money wiring fees and overnight mail fees associated with each discharge obtained.
  • Cost of Smoke Detector/Carbon Monoxide Certificate from local fire department. In Worcester, the certificate for a single-family dwelling is $50; the fee is $60 for a two-family dwelling, and $70 for a three-family dwelling. (View application)
  • Adjustments due to buyer for water, sewer, real estate tax and condo fees; in a multi-family property, this would also include adjustments for tenant rent payments and any deposits held by the seller.
  • Other miscellaneous fees where applicable – cost to obtain Title V certificate; cost of wood stove permit; fees charged by condominium associations to supply copies of documents such as association by-laws, etc.