Selling Real Estate January 31, 2023

Prepare Now to Sell Your Home this Spring in Worcester

Spring may seem far away, but time can move fast. If you’re thinking about selling your Worcester home in the spring, take advantage of the winter months to begin preparing your house. You’ll be able to take full advantage of the busy spring sales market, and lessen the stress and workload that can come with selling your home.
  • Declutter and downsize. Take time to go through each room in your house – including drawers, cabinets, etc. – and determine items that are no longer useful or have become superfluous. Be tough – think of each item as something that needs to be cared for, cleaned, and packed. Could someone else be putting it to good use *now* – rather than the ‘someday’ you’re saving the item to use? Send photos to friends or relatives; donate clothing, furniture and household items to a worthy charity; call a junk removal service; start bringing items to consignment shops or listing them on websites like Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist and Ebay.
  • Consider hiring a cleaner, or asking for help from a friend or relative. Moving is hard work!! You’re probably the best person to sort belongings, work with contractors, and handle financial issues. So outsource where you can – washing windows and cleaning blinds are time-consuming tasks yet easily handed to someone else.
  • Fix up blemishes. Scuffed paint, broken moldings, scratched floors – start tackling all of those projects that you’ve been meaning to get around to ‘someday.’ Small things can make a big impression during a buyer’s initial viewing, adding up to the assumption that the house will require a facelift before the buyer can unpack their boxes.
  • Fix possible safety issues. Loose basement stair? Window that slams down if not propped open just-so? Not only would you not want someone to get hurt as they walk through your home, you don’t want to accept an offer and receive a laundry list of items to fix after the buyer’s home inspection.
  • Make a list of outdoor projects to begin when weather permits. Decide what you can do yourself, and make a timeline to complete projects. Start calling contractors, if needed, to ensure they’ll be available to begin work when the weather clears. And don’t forget, winter can be hard on a house – look out for new repair issues in addition to those you’ve planned.
  • Plan your own move! Do you know where you’ll be moving? Do you need cash from the sale of your house to finance your new residence, and/or have the ability to obtain financing? If your house receives an offer shortly after its listing, you may only have approximately 45 days to pack and move. Or, if your house is slow to sell, you could find yourself paying two mortgages, or losing out on your chosen property.