Sell probate property in worcester county

Sell your probate property in Worcester, MA with Erin Zamarro, Real Estate Broker: 50% of the properties that I sell are sold as part of the probate process.

Erin Zamarro, Real Estate Broker - Sell Probate Real Estate In Worcester, MA

As a Personal Representative  - or Executor - of an estate, your responsibility is both complex and serious.

From the MA Legislature:

A personal representative shall have the duty to settle and distribute the estate of the decedent in accordance with the terms of any probated and effective will and this code, and as expeditiously and efficiently as is consistent with the best interests of the estate.
Real estate is often one of the largest and more complex assets to deal with when settling an estate. A poorly handled real estate transaction can cause extended delays and increased costs.

make a plan to sell

New England House

You need:

  • To know the property value
  • A plan to list the house for sale
  • Guidance on selling a house as part of the probate process
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I provide:

  • Assistance before the sale: develop a plan to handle pre-listing needs such as emptying the house; discussing what, if any, repairs are needed (and whether they should be done)
  • A plan to get a house on the market, a roadmap for the sale process
  • Professional marketing, including photography and web and print-based advertising



You'll get:

  • The best price and terms for the property when you list with me
  • Your property showcased to a network of local buyers and agents; plus, access to a nationwide network of agents and their buyers
  • A broker with years of experience, expert negotiation, and knowledge of the probate process, helping you through the process of selling a property as part of the probate process